At Karlin Family Farms we understand the importance of community outreach.  To help educate the public about the importance of local sustainable agriculture we often host educational events.  During these events you can expect to get your hands dirty, learn something new, and have a chance to build relationships within the Lawrence community.

Work parties were our most frequent events this year.  We took to the idea of “crop mobs” where a large group of people set out to complete a large task in a small amount of time.  Our volunteers were amazing this year and we were able to make tremendous progress on many of our 2010 projects.  Here’s a list of some of the projects we tackled during our work parties:

  • In March we started our first season with great enthusiasm.  In a matter of hours, with the help of 15 or so volunteers, we created a 50’x50′ sheet mulch garden with (10) 40″ wide and 50′ long beds.  These beds were the beginning of our market garden, and would host most of our spring crops.
  • For April we chose to focus our energy on getting many of our transplants in the ground.
  • Our May work party allowed us to diversify the farm a little by beginning our permaculture food forest with the creation of a 41′ diameter mandala garden.  This work party provided us with the opportunity to finish planting the remaining 50 trees of the 225 native fruit and nut producing trees we planted this spring.  We also got down and dirty making a 10 ton biodynamic compost pile.
  • By June, the farm was becoming quite the operation and we decided it was time to really unleash it to the public.  All morning Brady was giving tours to the public as part of the Lawrence Garden Tour.  Visitors were able to observe our cob workshop in action as our apprentice Alex guided several volunteers in creating a cob oven.  This oven would later provide us with absolutely delicious pizzas and bread…yum!

This winter we will be forced out of the gardens, but it will allow us the time to recuperate, reflect, and reignite our enthusiasm for next year.  It is our goal to have our all of our monthly events planned out and scheduled before spring comes around.  Keep an eye on the blog to see what we’re up to throughout the winter and into spring.


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